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The Osgood Hill Conservation Area is a popular recreational area for residents of North Andover. In 2016, the town used a DCR Forest Stewardship Grant to implement a timber harvest and invasive species removal on the forest. 

The Keystone Project seeks to train those people with a disproportionate influence on their community.

image of part of their timber sale

Learn about Hardwick landowners Tracy Markham and Denise Niemitz's experience managing their forest. 

emerald ash borer on top of a penny for scale

The emerald ash borer is an invasive forest pest that is present in Massachusetts. This article contains some basic information about the insect, how it can impact Massachusetts forests, and what landowners can do to help prevent the spread of emerald ash borer. 

How do men and women’s roles and views of land differ?

Increasing Forest Resiliency for an Uncertain Future booklet

It is possible to increase forest resiiency

Landowners needed for research project

Through the years that Keystone classes have been held many participants have gone on to do great things for conservation in their towns. One example of this is Keystone Cooperator Freddie Gillespie who volunteers with the stewardship committee in her town of Southborough.

Donating a conservation easement is a great way to ensure that land that is special to you is protected in perpetuity. To assist landowners with the means of donating land, Congress made the federal tax incentive for conservation easement donation permanent.


As winter approaches we are all quickly reminded about the importance of warm homes.  Unfortunately there are those in our communities who need assistance heating their home.  A group of caring people in the North Quabbin region hope to take advantage of our state’s most plentiful natural resources, forests, to help their neighbors through a grassroots woodbank program.