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Typically most landowners go about their day-to-day routines and passively enjoy their woods.  Like other things in life, it is often not until a trigger forces a decision about the sale of timber or how to plan the future of your land that you need to make an informed decision. MassWoods.org was developed to help landowners at these critical decision making times.

MassWoods.org features an interactive map to direct landowners to local professionals to help them with their decisions.  Service foresters and licensed foresters are listed to help landowners with their decisions about forest management. Land trusts, estate planning attorneys, certified financial planners, certified public accountants, and appraisers are listed to help landowners with their decisions about the future of their land.  

Each month a new update will be posted aimed at delivering timely and relevant information about landowner decisions, issues, programs, opportunities and successes.

Landowners looking for information on landowner incentive programs will also be able to find information and links. 

Although MassWoods targets landowners at decision making times, this site will also serve as the main portal for UMass Extension’s Forest Conservation Program.  Look for information on our programs and research including: Keystone Project and Woods Forum programs. Licensed foresters will find pages for licensing and continuing education.  The Southern New England Stumpage Report can also be found on this site. 

The site is maintained and regularly updated by Paul Catanzaro, Extension Associate Professor and State Extension Forester, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Contact Paul if you have any comments cat@umext.umass.edu or (413)545-4839.

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