Woodland Connections for Women



Woodland Connections for Women aims to build a network of female landowners in Massachusetts and provide opportunities for education and connection. We host events throughout the year and encourage women to foster relationships with each other and their land. 




A woman’s relationship with the natural world is often unique and meaningful. For women who own land, this connection can be rewarding as well as challenging. Women landowners engage with their woods in various ways, including enjoying the beauty of their property, caring for wildlife and nature, and appreciating the privacy that owning land offers. A publication from the University of Massachusetts, Michigan State University, and Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOW Nets) aims to help women landowners better understand their woodlands and make informed decisions to meet their goals. Based on interviews with women landowners and forestry professionals across the eastern United States, the publication aims to identify some of the most common questions, goals, and challenges of women landowners.

Women on the Land provides background information on forest ecology so that women can connect with other landowners and natural resource professionals with vocabulary and concepts that are critical to communicating different stewardship strategies. The publication guides women to think through their goals for their land and decide if active, passive or a combination of the two approaches makes sense for them and their land. Some common active stewardship options are outlined as well as a section about working with professionals, the financials of woodland ownership, and planning the future of their land. In addition, there are seven landowner case studies that share the joys and challenges of land ownership throughout the eastern region.

To learn more, download "Women on the Land" PDF or request a free copy by emailing Olivia Lukacic.


Upcoming Events:

Woodland Connections for Women Winter/Spring 2021 Book Group: Reading the Forested Landscape by Tom Wessels.

Woodland Connections for Women is hosting a winter/spring book group for women landowners and natural resource professionals in Massachusetts. We will be discussing “Reading the Forested Landscape” by Tom Wessels as a way of diving deeper into our woodlands. Once the group registration is finalized, we will collectively find times to meet. The expectation is that you will read on your own and then meet with the group to discuss once in March and once in April. Meetings will be held over zoom. If you do not own a copy of the book, we will provide one for you! Registration is open until February 14, 2021.

Register here: https://forms.gle/XjuE7fSf3mDarzEMA

If you cannot participate in the reading group, we are planning on hosting a field walk to apply our new knowledge in the Spring that all are welcome to join!

What: reading and discussion group of “Reading the Forested Landscape.”

Where/When: Two zoom discussion group meetings (March and April) and independent reading

Who: Women landowners and natural resource professionals in Massachusetts

Cost: Free!


Previous Events:

  • New England Forest Ecology Webinar (January 19, 2021): Learning about the ecology of your woodland is an exciting and engaging way to interact with your property. It also provides an excellent foundation from which to understand your stewardship options better. This webinar will include a presentation from Emma Sass, a research fellow at the University of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Conservation/ USDA Forest Service’s Family Forest Research Center (FFRC).

This work is funded through the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Working Forest Initiative