Black Land Stewardship

Land ownership in the United StDownload a copy of the "The stories trees have to tell" publicationates has represented a form of freedom, power, and financial security, however, not everyone has had equal access to these benefits. A history of institutional racism, biased policies and assistance programs still influence the pattern of private landownership today.

As a community dedicated to the health of the land and the people that depend on it, we have an important role to play in using our knowledge and skills to help all those interested in land ownership to achieve their goals.To gain a better understanding of the unique experiences of Black landowners, and therefore develop ways to better support and partner with them in achieving their goals, it is first important to listen to their stories in their own words. The documentation of some of these stories as voiced in our publication Black Land Stewardship helps provide an opportunity for the forest conservation community to partner with Black forest owners in addressing the common challenges they face in acquiring, stewarding, and passing on land.

Download a PDF of the "Black Land Stewardship" publication