Estate Planning Professionals

Achieving your goals will likely mean working with one or more estate planning professionals. However, it can be difficult sorting out the different kinds of estate planning professions.

When considering which one to contact first, it is important to remember that there isn’t one “right path” to take. Everyone’s family situation is different. Instead let the questions, generated from your family meetings or developed by yourself, drive the next step that makes the most sense for you.

It is important to recognize that land is a unique type of asset that often requires specific knowledge. When selecting an estate planning professional, be sure to work with someone who has experience suited to your goals for the land.

Below are the descriptions of professional who can assist you. To find any one of these professionals, visit the “Find a Local Professional” page of MassWoods.

  • Land protection specialist: Works for a state or private conservation organization.  Provides land conservation options and guidance to meet the conservation goals of you and your family. Learn more about finding a conservation organization to work with.
  • Estate planning attorney: Writes a will or trust that includes your wishes for the land and can help you determine your best options for land ownership.
  • Financial planner: Reviews your current financial situation and anticipates future needs.
  • Tax attorney or CPA: Develops strategies to minimize your taxes, increasing the amount of assets given to your family. Learn more about taxes that may impact you as you decide the future of your land.
  • Appraiser: Determines the value of your land and the value of a conservation restriction.
  • Forester: Provides information and guidance about the Chapter 61 current use programs to save property taxes, develops an estimate of timber value, and provides land management options.