Chapter 61/61A Tax Calculator

The Ch. 61 Forest Land and Ch. 61A Farm Land tax laws are designed to give favorable tax treatment to landowners willing to keep woodland undeveloped and actively managed. Learn more about the Ch. 61 programs. Please note, that the Ch. 61/61A rates used in this calculator are for fiscal year 2024 and go into effect starting July 1st, 2023.

Forest land Valuation Rates:
The following chart lists the per acre valuation for each productivity rating both east and west of the Connecticut River. These rates go into affect July 1st, 2023.

FY 2024 Forestland Per Acre Valuation Productivity Rating
  Below Average Average Above Average
West of the Connecticut River $80 $100 $120
East of the Connecticut River $87 $108 $130

Property taxes are calculated as shown below:
Number of certified Acres X Per Acre Valuation* = Current Use Valuation
Current Use Valuation X Town's Per Thousand Tax Rate = Estimated tax bill under current use

*Note: The per acre valuation will be based on your land’s productivity, as determined by the local assessor. This calculator will generate a High (H), Medium (M), and Low (L) productivity valuation.

57 Acres located West of the Connecticut River
Based on FY 2024 rates. Town Tax Rate $13

Number of Acres Per Acre Valuation Current Use Valuation Your Town's Per Thousand Tax Rate Est. Current Use Tax
57 $80 (L) $4,560 $13 $59.28
57 $100 (M) $5,700 $13 $74.10
57 $120 (H) $6,840 $13 $88.92