Chapter 61B Tax Calculator

Ch. 61B is the recreational land tax law. The purpose of Ch. 61B is to reduce the assessed value of land based on its use for open space or recreation. Assessed values under this law are reduced by 75%. Learn more about the Ch. 61B program.

Property taxes under the Ch. 61B calculated as shown below:

Step 1: Assessment on land to be certified under the Ch. 61B program X .25 = Ch. 61B Assessment

Step 2: Ch. 61B Assessment X Your town’s commercial tax rate = Taxes Under Ch. 61B

Number of Ch. 61B eligible acres: 30
Assessed Value: $83,000.00
Commercial Tax Rate: $13 per thousand
Current Annual Taxes: $1,079

Assessed Value on land to be put in Ch. 61B X .25 = Ch. 61 B Assessment


X .25 = $20,750

Ch. 61B Assessment X Commercial Tax Rate = Ch. 61B taxes


X $13/thousand = $269.75