14.02: Definitions


means the Director of the Division of State Parks and Recreation, Department of Conservation and Recreation or his or her designee.

Experience of a professional nature

means forest management planning and decision-making which requires the integration of biological, social, and economic information over a multi-year time frame to meet objectives of a forest landowner, and, for credit purposes, shall have been substantially of a full-time nature.

Experience of a technical nature

means forestry work in which the individual is responsible for carrying out a forest management action or activity, and, for credit purposes, shall have been substantially of a full-time nature.


means the science, the art, and the practice of conserving and managing for human benefit the natural resources, including trees, other plants, animals, soil and water, that occur on, and in association with, forest lands.

Licensed Forester

means one who has obtained a Massachusetts license to practice forestry under the provisions of 304 CMR 10.00 as promulgated pursuant to M.G.L. c.132, §§ 47 through 50.

Practice of forestry

means any professional services requiring the application of forestry principles and techniques, including but not limited to: forest inventory, forest management planning, timber appraisal, the responsibility for the direction and supervision of silvicultural activities, use and protection of forested areas, and the evaluation of the economic and biological consequences of forest management activities.

Professional services

means forestry services offered for compensation to forest landowners or their agents.


means to annul, void, cancel or take back a license to practice forestry.

Society of American Foresters or SAF

means the national professional forestry organization which, by an act of Congress, is the only body authorized to accredit programs offering a bachelor's degree in forestry.


means to temporarily withdraw a license to practice forestry for a specified period of time.