Determining CFE Credit for Events

There are two ways that CFE events may be evaluated for credit.

  1. Submit program information [including an agenda] to  CFE Coordinator for the New England Society of American Foresters 

Andy Fast, Belknap County Extension Educator, 635 Main St.,  Third Floor, Suite 1, Laconia, NH 03246     603-527-5475           Fax: 603-527-5477

2. SAF is one of two methods for the assignment of CFE credits applicable to MA Forester Licensing. Dave Kittredge  is able to assign MA credits to workshops, short courses, meetings, etc. on behalf of the MA FLB & DCR Director, Division of State Parks and Recreation. 

One consideration in having SAF assign credits is that if the event is likely to have attendees who would be submitting to other Licensing Boards (i.e. CT, NH) the SAF credit assignment works with all Boards where credits assigned by Dave Kittredge are good in MA. SAF credits can also be used to maintain an SAF Certified Forester (CF) status.

The process is simple:

  • Provide Dave Kittredge  with the CFE credit approval/Certificate of Attendance along with an agenda or outline of the event with the hours of the event clearly shown (clearly identify breaks which are not included in the CFE calculation).
  • This information should be submitted in advance of the event.
  • When the credits are assigned, Dave will return the form to you.
  • At that point you can advertise that X # of MA CFE credits have been assigned to that event.

Dave can also provide you with a generic form, which shows the number of CFE contact hours, which would be handed out at the event for attendees to submit with their license renewal applications. You are also welcome to use your own form on your letterhead.

The calculation for Category I and II events (most of the events) is one hour for each hour of actual participation. MAPF and SAF meetings would be treated equally in calculating CFE's.

Feel free to contact  Dave with further questions,

Dave Kittredge

413 545-2943

413 545-4358  fax