How to Become Licensed

Policy 1: License Applications and Requirements

(1) To become a Licensed Forester, an applicant shall submit to the Director a completed application on a form developed by the Director accompanied by the required license fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

At a minimum, the application shall require the following information:

  1. a list of colleges and universities attended, dates attended and graduation date;
  2. original or certified copies of all transcripts;
  3. a listing of work experience or resume for the 12 years preceding application, to include for each position:
    1. name, address and phone number of employer;
    2. name of supervisor;
    3. title of position;
    4. description of responsibilities;
    5. dates employed;
    6. average number of hours worked per week;
    7. other pertinent information the applicant wishes to include; and
  4. a disclosure of any convictions of, pleas of guilty to, or pleas of nolo contendere for forestry-related felonies.

A Society of American Forestry (SAF) certified Forester may apply by submitting appropriate documentation of his or her SAF certification and the disclosure statement required in (d) above.

Within 80 days of receipt of all required application materials, the FLB shall make a recommendation to the Director on such application. 

Submit all application materials to:

Kristopher Massini
Management Forester

Central Berkshire District

P.O. Box 1433

Pittsfield, MA 01202

(413) 442-8928*121