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Land in Massachusetts is taxed at its "full and fair market value". Most often this value is based on the land's ability to support residential development. Taxing land based on its development potential can put a burden on those landowners who wish to maintain their land in woodland, since the market value of the land, and the associated annual taxes, is usually greater than the short-term income received from growing trees.

Passing it on: using a trust and timber harvesting to maintain a family property

Keeping land in the family is a common goal for many landowners, but how do you actually pay for the long-term ownership and maintenance costs associated with the land?

The Thompson family has found a solution that works for them and their family retreat on 45 acres of woodlands in Leverett. Now owned by the fourth generation, the property is the site of the family’s 4th of July reunion, annual work parties, and lots of family vacations.

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