Landowner Spotlight: Tracy Markham and Denise Niemitz

In 2006, Tracy Markham and Denise Niemitz fulfilled their dream of living in nature on their own land when they purchased their 40-acre wooded property in Hardwick. When they first bought the property, they didn’t know what was even possible in terms of forest management. As the years went by, Tracy and Denise’s dreams for their property grew and they considered how they could use their land more fully.

Massachusetts Loggers

Loggers and Foresters are commonly confused with one another. To understand the differences consider the roles of architects and builders. Architects work with people to design the kind of home they would like. The architect's plan is implemented by a builder who turns it into reality. The best blueprint isn't worth anything if it isn't in the hands of a good builder. Foresters can serve as forest "architects", helping landowners develop goals, understand available options, and design a harvest to meet the goals.

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