Wildlife Management

LIP - Landowner Incentive Program

Wildlife management often ranks high as a management objective for landowners. Since more than 75% of the forests in Massachusetts are owned by families and individuals, the future of many of our wildlife species are in the hands of private landowners. In fact, most rare species and species in decline in Massachusetts are found on privately owned lands. In order to help these species survive, it is important to find ways to provide private landowners technical assistance and resources for important habitat work.

On the Right Track with Janet Pesaturo

Support for forest conservation can come in many forms.  Animal tracking is one great way to engage people and communities while providing valuable information to inform land conservation and land use decisions.  Keystone Cooperator Janet Pesaturo is proof of that.

Janet has found herself on a track she didn’t expect, and she’s enjoying where it’s leading. Nine years ago Janet was a practicing psychiatrist, who made the decision to stop working in order to raise her two children, not realizing at that time where it would lead.

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