Cases of Conservation: Borton Family

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When landowners need to decide the future of their land, it can be very helpful to learn about the decisions that other landowners have made. There is much to be learned from the stories of other landowners who have faced similar decisions. One way we try to encourage this is through our Cases of Conservation, case studies of landowners who have used different conservation tools to meet their personal and financial objectives. A great example of a case study that demonstrates how conservation helped meet a landowner's personal objectives is the story of the Borton family.

Ann and Tony Borton love of their 114-acre property in Conway, Massachusetts and their desire to see the rural character of Conway maintained has led them to actively seek out ways to preserve the ecological integrity of their property in their lifetime and for future generations. In November 2007 they completed arrangements to donate a Conservation Restriction (CR) on 106 acres to the Franklin Land Trust and the Town of Conway.

Case studies are one way in which landowners can learn from each other. Landowners may also choose to talk to a neighbor with knowledge and experience with forest management and land conservation. It is critical for landowners to know they have conservation options and that there are people working locally to help them explore their options. So, if you run in to a friend considering options for their land, share with them the information and experience you have and try to get them to a local resource who can help them evaluate their options.

Informing these decisions are not only critical to family's reaching their goals, but to conserving our forests and the many public benefits they provide!

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