Outsmart App How-To's

Using the Outsmart Invasive Species app is easy and free! 

Get Started

Step 1: If you have an iPhone or Android phone, download the FREE Outsmart Invasive Species application through iTunes or Google Play, and you'll be prepared to report invasive species anytime. 

Step 2: Register to submit data using the FREE Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System (EDDMaps). Just go to Outsmart on EDDMaps to sign up.

That's it! You're ready to join the fight against invasive species.

Using the Outsmart App

**NEW**  The new version of the Outsmart Invasive Species App will be ready by early Spring. The new app combines Outsmart and IPANE under the Outsmart band. IPANE will change from Invasive Plant Atlas of New England to Invasive Pest Atlas of New England and will remain the web brnad, but the app will merge with Outsmart, which will be supported as the New England node of EDDMapS. 

Quick Guide to Reporting an Invasive - Android

Quick Guide to Reporting an Invasive - iPhone

Viewing your Data in EDDMapS (Coming soon!)